08/20/15- Paula'sEating/Exercise Journal: Saturday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 21. August 2014 17:38
The next time that you go to a pharmacist to have a new prescription filled, don’t just sign the register book saying that you don’t want a consultation with the pharmacist.  You may be missing out on a golden opportunity to have the ear of a very knowledgeable person who can help y... [More]

5/15/14 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Tuesday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 11. May 2013 22:39
It is incredible the long list of things that books, the internet, and doctors say you cannot ingest once you are pregnant.  The internet is a wonderful thing but it certainly can freak a person out with all the "self-diagnosing" one can do.  I have had horrible allergies over the past wee... [More]

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Katie's Healthy Eating

4/15/13- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Sunday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 12. April 2013 21:23
  I can’t speak enough about how important it is for success with clean eating and exercise to have a great support system.  It sounds so easy when you read about it, but in reality it can be a challenge.  There may be people in your life that try (unknowingly) to sabota... [More]

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Paula's Healthy Living

11/14/13 Katie's Healthy Food Journal: Tuesday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 10. November 2012 18:53
Why set goals for yourself?  Goals provide motivation and promote a drive to succeed.  I may be down about my weight gain but I have not given up hope.  I WILL reach my goal of back down to 115; it just may take me a little while to get there.  At least I recognize I have gained ... [More]

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Katie's Healthy Eating

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