Can your teeth really bend?- Dr. Fred Peck

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 13. September 2014 06:30
Can your teeth really bend? Absolutely they flex and bend every day. If you grind your teeth, they will even bend more with that extra stress placed on them. This is evident because many patients have notches on their teeth at the gum line. These notches called abfractions, can continue to get worse... [More]

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Perfecting Your Smile

Eliminating tooth whitening sensitivity in 4 steps-Dr. Fred Peck

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 3. July 2014 16:15
   When your dentist, recommends a tooth whitening procedure, there are several steps that can be taken to eliminate tooth sensitivity. This applies to both home whitening and in office procedures. The first is prescribing the correct bleach concentration. Bleach comes in many di... [More]

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