She Said: Break-out the Bikini!?

by leslie 8. May 2012 15:47
Dr. B Healthy,

As usual your sage advice is boring but oh so practical.

I eschew the use of scales which I consider one step from mid-evil torture.  No machine needs to tell me I’ve dived into too much salsa.

Remember it’s not so much what you weight but your BMI. And no, I’m not cussing.  BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It’s the measure of body composition, meaning fat and everything else, based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women. There are lots of BMI measurement tables on the web so start searching.

And let’s not forget the other measurement. Every woman has two sets of jeans: skinny and fat. My closet is no exception. If my skinny jeans don’t fit comfortably (if they fit at all) I’m in trouble. The skinny jeans test is likely the most effective reminder that moderation is a 24/7 endeavor.  

But perhaps the most frightening form of body image self-torture is trying on swimsuits.  Except for just about every woman in LA, baring one’s body beneath the extraordinary fat magnifying properties of retail store fluorescent lights is an annual trip down horror lane. I can’t imagine any woman emerges from a fitting room exclaiming ‘this one makes me look so slim.’ It’s an experience that’s just plain ghastly.  

So my dear readers - please tell me all about your swim suit shopping experiences. Just leave a comment. And remember to keep it clean.

So if you see me swimming laps in a faded, threadbare Speedo you now know why.

And about the over-40 bikini wearing contests, I can’t say I’ve seen any lately. Where have you been?


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