She Said: Health Axiom #4: Quiet Your Mind

by leslie 21. May 2012 15:39
Dr. B,

Aches and pains in my brain.  That’s it exactly.  Thanks for confirming that I’m so outrageously intelligent that I’m firing on all 8 cylinders in 5th gear all the day long. Indeed, it’s overuse of my brain that explains my fatigue and malaise.

That explanation may not be too far off.

Just last month I attended a behavioral health conference in San Francisco. The keynote speaker is an adolescent psychiatrist who tried to explain adolescent behavior by describing how the brain develops and operates. Fascinating stuff.  

Our brains are the biggest energy hogs in our bodies and devour up to 35% of our body’s available energy. Teenagers sleep so much because their brains are developing so rapidly.  I’ll use it as an easy excuse to explain my fatigue and falsely portray myself as a brainiac.

And it allows me to introduce Health Axiom #4: Quiet Your Mind.  

Yogis, the Beatles and my granola-eating, sandal-wearing-in-the-winter friends have long touted the benefits of meditation.  Can’t say I’ve ever meditated by the sea and solved the world’s problems (I can’t even solve my own problems) but I enjoy the benefits of a quite mind almost every day.  

I love the countryside. Tree-topped green rolling hills, blue sky and singing birds are all I need to calm the chaos of my mind.  It’s as if the natural world massages my thoughts. I breathe deeply, sit on the grass and tell myself ‘everything will be ok.’ I’ve also felt the same level of self-actualization at Niemen Marcus sportswear department and the personal shopper’s fitting room at Saks.

If you can’t get to the countryside, beach, mountain, or high-end retailer regularly, find another suitable and convenient place.  Where can you find 15 minutes of solitude and quiet? Go there once a day, close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly. Calming your mind takes practice so begin with 5 minutes.  Just keep it up.  You’ll begin to look forward to this personal time.  

I’m looking forward to your reply Dr. B.  Health Axiom #5 is a mystery until then... mostly to me.


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