He Said: Health Axiom #4: Quiet Your Mind

by Dr. B Healthy 23. May 2012 13:10

Dear Leslie,
Quieting your brain each day is a good idea with many benefits as long as you don't do it while doing it during a critical task like open heart surgery or flying a 747. In your case I caution you to not do it to excess (like all day) or your employer will think you are sleeping on the job. Has that ever happened to you - snoozing on the job?

You are correct that relaxing your brain through meditation, prayer or other structured relaxation techniques does your body and soul a lot of good. Studies show that harmful stress hormones are reduced, blood pressure and heart rate reduced and that you have an improved sense of well being. There does not seem to be a big difference in results based on what technique you use so pick one that suites your lifestyle. The key is relaxing that over heated brain for 15 - 20 minutes a day. In your case Leslie, that should be more than enough.

So far all of your axioms have been about taking care of you. How about something on the health benefits of taking care of some one else. You know, a little self sacrifice. Is that beyond your experience?

Dr. B Healthy


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