She Said: Health Axiom #5 - Give of Yourself by Accepting from Others

by leslie 27. May 2012 13:44
A little self-sacrifice? Even a little? Well ....  Ahhhh ... Hmmm ...  I must admit I think you have identified my Achille's Heel.  Just last night I added this comment on my Facebook page:

‘"Enjoyed dinner at a friend's house last evening. After dinner she asks her baby, "Do you want to play with Aunt Leslie?" I'm already flaked-out on the couch asking "Where's the remote?" Parenting is for professionals. And I am a proud amateur."’

Play with the baby? Isn’t the baby supposed to entertain me?  

I’ll admit I’ve always been a bit self-centered, ego-maniacal and deserving of all the niceties in life. When I graduated from kindergartner my father began referring to me as “The Crown Princess.”  And Dad was always right.

Yes, my Health Axioms have everything to do with me and caring for oneself. Thank you very much.

So I feel obliged (and I rarely feel that way) to create Axiom #5 with someone besides myself in mind.  And I’m really stepping out on a ledge here, so hold on:
Leslie’s Health Axiom #5 – Give of Yourself by Accepting from Others.

I must admit I’m cheating a bit here.  How can I suggest giving by receiving? Axiom #5 is based on advice from a wonderful woman, Pat Love, EdD, therapist, speaker, author, and all around really great gal from Austin, Texas.  One of her bits of advice to me long ago really opened my mind. Pat states that among the greatest gifts we can give to others is accepting their offers of help.  I never thought about it that way but, as usual, she’s right.

To accept a friend or loved one’s offer of help is really telling them, “You matter to me.  You’re help is a gift that I appreciate and I value you in my life.” Those are powerful thoughts that are so easy to convey.  All we have to say is, “Thank you for your help.”
So the next time someone offers help, accept it and offer your gratitude.  It’s among the most meaningful gifts you can give to others.


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7/5/2013 4:59:56 PM #

wow.its great...starting was really charming..its so much wonderful..i lyk it...nice really works...

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Baby Shower Ideas
7/7/2013 1:11:26 PM #

Hey, this is very interesting post and I really liked the topic that you have mentioned in your post. Yes accepting a help from your near ones really show that we do really care for each other and bind us in a close social chain.

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