He Said: Health Axiom #6 - Mix It Up

by Dr. B Healthy 15. June 2012 15:14

Dear Leslie,


I am confused.  You stated your case for mixed up Axiom #6 and then at the end you said that you would think what Axiom #6 would be.  Could it be that last week’s jolt to the head has caused short term memory problems or have you always had trouble counting?  I am curious.  Of course, if it is a memory problem, you will not remember any of this anyway.


Alas, in your meandering, you have actually struck on something important- working on the core.  Some people may be saying, “What the heck is my core?  Am I an apple or what?”  Your core is your trunk.  Your trunk is a column of water with a stick (your spine) in the back and a band of muscles holding it in around the front.  If the band of muscles around the column is weak, then it is up to your spine to hold up all of the weight of the column of water.  By the way, most of the body is water, not fat.  What strengthening your core does is to strengthen the band of muscles and better support the column.  Benefits are less stress on the spine and less back pain, improved balance and less bulging of the old belly.  Pulling in that belly may make you less popular in the belly flop contest at your condo’s swimming pool, but you in all likelihood can pull those size 6 jeans a little easier.  I have heard of Pilates many times, but until your explanation had never known where it came from.  There are other exercise routines that also strengthen the core and I imagine produce similar results to Pilates.


Leslie, while I know you do not have a lot of experience with men’s health, and I mean that in the most sincere medical way, why don’t you through out some ways that women can promote the health of the men in their lives.  With Father’s Day coming up, why not suggest how you can help the old man’s health?


Dr. B. Healthy


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