Leslie gets one right

by Dr. B Healthy 16. June 2012 09:43

Suck it up Dudes is right Leslie.  Last weekend I went for my every three week hair cut at my local barbershop.  This is an old fashion barbershop - a small addition to the barber's house.  It has 2 barber chairs and a stripped barber pole out front.  My barber is in his sixties, small and slight build.  He has a partner, not of small proportions and a smoker, that comes in and cuts hair on Saturday and he was not there when I came in.  When I asked him the question "What's new?" he responded that his partner had a heart attack and open heart surgery a few days before.  He then told me the story of the events leading up to the heart attack.  They included several episodes of severe chest pain and vomiting that the partner ascribed to "stomach flu".  Finally, his wife insisted after this happened several times over two days that he go to the doctor and eventually the hospital.  Here are the two big mistakes this barber made - he was totally suprised that he could have a heart attack in spite of having a big belly, an inactive lifestyle and smoking and he was in total denial when the symptoms came.  It could have easily cost him his life if it were not for a persistent wife.

Leslie, even though you have not cracked the mysteries of relationships with men, you have cracked the code on their approach to maintaining health - they don't unless prodded by some loving female in thier life and when big things are happening - they pretend they are not.

The lesson here gentlemen is suck it up and get with the program and listen to your wives.


Dr. B. Healthy


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