Did she say contented cows?

by Dr. B Healthy 24. June 2012 14:30

When Leslie put contentment in the title, it conjured up in my mind, contented cows.  Somehow, I don't think that is where she is going.

I do agree that there is an over emphasis on being happy.  If you ask parents what they want for the children, they will often say, "I just want them to be happy".  Well, life is full of enough challenges and dissapointments that it is hard to describe anyones life as being happy all of the time.  It just does not happen.  While I prefer the term life fullfilment to contentment, the goal of living a life with intent and purpose is one that does make a significant impact on ones mental and physician well being.  There is a large body of medical evidence that intentionally doing things that make you feel contented or fullfilled actually makes you feel better physicially and less likely to develop a disabling chronic illness or pre-mature death.  I like the term "pre-mature death" by the way.  I think that most people feel that their death will occur before they are ready or that death itself is not inevitable and there fore not only pre-mature but an avoidable injustice.  I digress too much.

 How do you find contentment or fullfillment?  You chose to do things that have meaning and purpose to you, that are important to you and that you can achieve closure on the activity.  As Leslie points out, sometimes that is completing a small task and at others it may mean an all out dedication to either a vocation or an avocation.  The key is picking something that has meaning to you and that you have the capacity or capability to complete the work.

Speaking of contented cows, I wounder what Leslie will come up with on Axiom #9


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