7/1/12 - Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Wednesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 2. July 2012 08:38


About 1 1/2 years ago, I had plateau with my progress in my weight and training.  It was really frustrating to put out such a big effort with clean eating and cardio, and stop seeing results.  One change that I made (upon advice from a nutritionist) was to invest in buying a scale.  The goal was not to become neurotic about every calorie entering my body, but to give me a more accurate understanding of what ‘a portion’ is.  4oz. of fish is a nice amount of food on a plate.  4 oz of steak or pork seems really small (though a well balanced food plan should include other protein sources periodically, for diversity). 

My problem is …I really like to eat!  I’d rather eat 2 cups of spinach with 4 oz of salmon or scallops on top than a tiny steak piece for dissimilar calorie counts. (4 oz of lean filet mignon steak is 367 calories, 4 oz of salmon is 240, and 4 oz. of scallops cooked is 100 calories)  For me its…bring on the bigger bowl with veggies than a greasy hamburger or a bag of Doritos! Plus, I feel more energetic and see results from my workout effort faster.

Paula’s Workout -

Treadmill- 30 minutes - rate- 4.6, 10% incline. (2.31 miles)

Strength train- arms (at home)

Standing Barbell Curl while standing on Bosu (15lb)

Bent over triceps kickback (10lb)

3-way biceps curl (26lb bar)

Lying overhead dumbbell press (15bl, 12lb, 12lb)

Triceps pushdown (2 tubes)

Seated concentrated curl 20lb)

 Paula’s Menu- 


Old fashioned oatmeal (150cal) – 

I often prepare 4 servings at the beginning of the week and put into 4 disposable bowl-

put saran wrap on the top- stack and put in the refrigerator for consumption during week

Mixed berries (30 cal)

½ cup egg whites – Spray microwavable bowl with Pam. 

Sprinkle with spice of your choice. Microwave 45 seconds. 

Stir. Microwave 45 additional seconds or till cooked through. 

Egg whites are a great source of clean protein.


Midmorning snack-

Pronos protein shake (for muscle building) (151cal)


3 5/8 oz scallops (117 cal)

2 cups raw spinach with a handful of asparagus, cherry tomatoes, beets (60 cal)


Midday snack-


Carrot cake (friends birthday) (180 cal)




4.5 oz Orange roughy (broil with Pam) (90)

Salad (spinach, broccoli, tomato) (60 cal)



Soft serve yogurt (140cal)


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