7/3/12 - Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Friday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 4. July 2012 09:12

Hope everyone is doing well.  Welcome back! I’d like to share a tool that was instrumental in helping me understand how many hidden calories were sabotaging my goals for my figure.  I created a food/workout diary.  Each page is broken down into 2 days per page.  I had taken my creation to Kinko’s and had them copy/collate/bind several months of the weekly charts in one book.  It cost me about $ 25 per book.  You can buy pre-made ones as well,  but I wanted enough room to write detailed journaling of the sections that were important to me.  The top states the date (I usually mark down my daily weight, though that is a personal choice).  Then below is the meal chart; breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner (desserts can be charted below dinner).  I went to Half Price books and got a calorie/nutrition encyclopedia to look up food info.  I already had a food scale to weigh meats in ounces.  I try to honestly and accurately write down food and drinks (wine, or lemonade is 100 calories for example).  I shoot for between 110 and 1300 calories per day.  I calculated this based on my age, exercise input, and body type. This diary is just for your monitoring,  so be honest.  Write down any health issues on top right (stomach upset, headache, cold, PMS Etc.) to help you track your health.  It will be a surprising reality when you honestly begin tracking your food/drink intake.


Stationary bike- 30 minutes

Treadmill- 20 minutes 1.71 miles

Strength train with trainer at a gym

(journaling when working with a trainer lets you copy that workout when you’re by yourself…for  free!


Weighted lunges with bar- ( 45lb)

Weighted squat with bar- (45 lb)

Seated leg curl- (50lb/40lb40lb)

Walking lunges

Leg extension (50lb)

Food Diary-


½ cup fat free cottage cheese, ½ cup non fat vanilla yogurt, ½ cup protein cereal (Archer) (130 cal.)

Midmorning snack:

Pronos protein shake (151cal.)

Apple (67cal.)


3 oz lamb (180 cal.)

¾ cup squash (70cal.)

Afternoon snack:

Grapefruit-peeled (40 cal.)

1 cup raison bran (170cal.)


2 oz crabmeat ( 90cal.)

1 cup spinach with tomatoes ( 40 cal.)


Chocolate sundae (300 cal.)


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