7/5/12 - Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Sunday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 6. July 2012 12:49

For many, Sundays is a day of rest.  It’s good for muscle recovery to take a day of rest during your week  ( I must admit that this is difficult for me to take a day off cardio because  exercise relieves the symptoms of chronic back pain for me).  The old theory of weight training was to rest every other day between lifting, but that was when weight training involved total body training at each session.  The more updated theory is about focusing on more specific target zones (arms, chest…) and doing 3-5 days of training, if possible.

Just make sure that if you are taking a day of rest, you continue drinking lots of water (helps to keep the internal system running, aids in muscle recovery and I swear makes my skin look less wrinkly and healthier) and keep up with your clean eating.  The biggest regression in your progress is to think that because you worked out during the week, that you can eat anything on the weekend.  Why not, it’s only one or two days?  You can sabotage all your progress in a splurge (appropriate size treats are good and keep you from splurging…but moderation is the key.) 

Sunday 7/05 Workout:

 Walk on the street- 6.2 miles  65 minutes 

Sunday 7/05 Food Diary:


 ½ cup non fat cottage cheese, ½ cup non fat vanilla with ¼ cup blueberries (95 cal.)

1/3 cup egg whites, with 1/3 cup mixed squash (110 cal.)

 A.M.  Snack-

Whole, cut red pepper (40 cal.)


  5oz chicken over 2 cups raw spinach, 9 cherry tomatoes, ¼ cup blanched broccoli, less than 1/8 cup thawed frozen adamame  (80 cal.)

P.M. Snack-

Apple, 12 raw almonds  (120 cal.)


4 oz Salmon (I pan sear this with seasonings and Pam) ( 240 cal.)

½ cooked Quinoa [pronounced  KEEN-WA- this whole grain, found in the organic section at grocery stores or whole foods groceries, is the most nutritious of all grains.  Its high in fiber, a good source of iron,  and has all 8 essential amino acids.  It is great as part of a summer salad with cucumber, Craisons,  cilantro and whatever else is in your fridge, or as a starch on your evening plate.  I cook it with 2 tbls. Of chix bouillon]

1 whole roasted, sliced beet (40 cal.)


3/4 cup mixed berries with 1/2 cup non fat vanilla yogurt (110 cal.)


 *Counting calories is a controversial technique in healthy eating.  Many people feel that it encourages compulsive or obsessive control about food.  I can see why they feel that way, but for me it helps make sure I eat enough calories to help in the recovery of my workout- though many feel I don’t eat enough calories- It also helps when you are first beginning to change to clean eating, to understand just how hidden calories from, for example, latte’s, tarter sauce, steak vs. seafood,  can keep someone from achieving their personal,  physical goals.  You need to find what system makes you feel most comfortable and satisfied.

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