7/13/12 Paula's Eating/Excercise Journal- Monday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 14. July 2012 08:00

Welcome Back.  Being the single parent of 3, I am very aware of financial issue and how to integrate  workout into your budget.  It would be great if you could afford a gym, but in these times, workout falls far down on the totem pole for priority in may peoples budget.  But there are a lot of low cost alternatives.  You can utilize the use of magazines ( Oxygen, Health etc.), satellite/cable (fit TV), workout books,  or videos, as motivation.  I created a workout journal by tearing out example sheets from fitness magazines and by tivoing workout channels that come free with my programming.  If I do have an opportunity to work with a trainer, I mark it in that journal, and re-do that routine at a later date.  Then you have another workout routine to follow at a later date( of course you miss the trainer getting after you to work harder..but it still works).  

Monday 7/13 Workout:

Treadmill- 2.14 miles , 30 minutes

Recumbent Bike- 15 minutes

Strength Train- chest

Barbell bench press- 29 lb

Pushoff- Big ball

Swiss thigh and flye

Flat bench dumbbell press- 15/20/20

 Flat bench dumbbell flye- 15lb

Pilaties chest press- pilaties circle

Punch press- 1 tube

Straight arm flye- 1 flat band

Monday 7/13 Food Diary:


Whole wheat toast- (80 cal.)

1/3 cup egg whites w/ 1 cup raw spinach ( 80 cal.)

A.M. Snack -

pronos protein powder ( 151 cal.)

Grapefruit, peeled ( 40 cal.)


4 oz tuna (150 cal.)

Salad( 2 cups spinach, 5 stalks asparagus, 1/2 cup green beans) ( 60 cal.)

P.M. Snack-

Yellow pepper( 40 cal.)

1/2 cup green beans ( 10 cal.)


4 oz salmon ( 240 cal.)

1/2 cup quieno with sauté onions ( 190 cal.)

1/2 cup sauté zucchini ( 25 cal.)

1 Chocolate square ( 110 cal.)


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