7/24/13 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Friday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 24. July 2012 20:27

Why was the Jenny Craig program right for me?

I knew the other programs honestly didn't work because they were not educating me with the proper ways to make life-lasting changes.  I loved that the food was frozen and easy to make before, during, and after work.  I was worried that it would not taste very good.  But, there is so much to choose from that I picked and chose what kinds of foods I enjoy (ie. pizza, alfredo, eggs, cheetoh's, chocolate).  You know the food must be pretty good if I still eat it!  I was also glad that I didn't have to weigh myself weekly in front of an audience!  It was private between my consultant Molly, and me.  We built a relationship as I came in to see her each week.  Creating a goal weight helped me to stay focused.  I was determined and didn't want to let her or myself down.  Talking about my feelings regarding my weight and obstacles I faced each week helped keep me on track the following week.  Molly taught me about healthy foods and how to balance them throughout the day.  As I reached maintenance she had me go into the grocery store and write down what kinds of foods I wanted to plan for a "weekly menu."  She built up my confidence to make the proper food choices on my own.  It is important that you find something that works for you and your lifestyle; then you can make changes permanently.  

 What if you don't like to eat breakfast?  Will it really affect your weight loss?  Until tomorrow...

Weight - 117. 0 lbs.

Exercise - 15 laps in the pool (25 minutes)


Breakfast - 

Jenny Craig Breakfast Sandwich (200 cal, 5g of fat)


1/2 cup organic fat-free milk

Lunch - 


1/2 ham sandwich (rye bread, lettuce, tomato)

2 pickles (LOTS of sodium, but I was at a shower and needed something)

Salad (no dressing, mixed greens, tomatoes)

6 oz. Yoplait Yogurt

Snack - 


Dinner - 

Salad (romaine, croutons)

2 tbsp. light ranch

Jenny Craig BBQ Chicken Pizza (280 cal, 4g fat)

Added fresh mushrooms and cayenne pepper

Snack - 

100 calorie pack 



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