7/27/12 - Paula's Eating/ExerciseJournal- Monday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 28. July 2012 08:00

Happy Monday (you have to make the best of it don't you?)  I hope maybe you had an opportunity to stop at a local farmers market this weekend.  I got some delicious organic  green beans yesterday at our local market, and some succulent fresh organic peaches.

For  any of you that have been programmed to shun away from fruit because of  the sugar content, I encourage you to add it daily to your food plan (you'll see it constantly in my food diary).  Fruit is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  The water content and fiber in several types helps you feel full between meals and the low calorie of most fruits helps you stay slim.  Try to include a variety of types ( though I must confess a total jones for blueberries and apples!)  Go for seasonal offerings (the peaches, plums, and cantaloupe are incredible right now).

You can include fruits to your diet in salads, added to skewers of meat, in smoothies or protein shakes, or straight up in a bowl with yogurt as a yummy dessert.

Monday 7/27 Workout:

Walk on street- 4 miles, 40 minutes

Strength Train- legs (gym) watch my legs video - Click Here 

Pilaties-60 minutes

Plymetric jumps 12 reps X 2 sets

Lunges- 40 strides X 3

Smith machine squats- 20 lb X 3

Rear kick- 25 lb X 3

Leg press- 35 lb X 3

Lunges - 50 steps X 3

7/24 Food Diary:


1 whole wheat low calorie English muffin, 1 tbls low sugar jelly (125 cal.)

Banana ( 95 cal.)

1/2 cup non-fat yogurt, 1/3 cup non-fat cottage cheese, 1/4 cup blueberries ( 90 cal.)

A.M. Snack- 

Apple ( 67 cal.)


2 plums (60 cal.)

Whole wheat sandwich, 4 oz low sodium turkey, 1 tbls honey mustard, slice tomato, spinach (255 cal.)

1 cup green beans ( 44 cal.)

P.M. Snack-

8 oz non fat soft serve (120 cal.)


4oz. salmon ( 240 cal.)

1/2 cup broccoli florets ( 20 cal.)

1 cup whole wheat couscous (240 cal.)


sugar free chocolate pudding (80 cal.)

1/2 cup strawberries ( 35 cal.) 



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