7/30/13 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Thursday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 30. July 2012 21:01

Why don't I include a total amount of calories per day in my blogs? 

That question is easy!  I know there are a lot of you calorie counters out there so what I do may not be right for you.  Jenny Craig has provided the education I needed to go out on my own.  When I am shopping for a particular meal I try to model how many calories and grams of fat off of a typical JC meal. Breakfast is approximately 120-210 calories with up to about 6 g of fat.  Lunch is slightly higher with 210-280 calories with up to 8g of fat.  Dinner is typically the highest with  200-300 calories with up to 9g of fat.  All of these figures exclude my milk, yogurt, jello, fat for the day (light may, salad dressing, or margarine), fruits, veggies, and snacks.  Counting up every single calorie per day would be a chore.  I didn't want my daily eating and shopping to be painful.  I'm all about simple.  So, the first several weeks I actually created my own daily menu so I knew exactly what I was going to buy at the store.  Now, I have them pretty much memorized.  In fact, if you find something at the store you are unsure of purchasing, write down the nutrition facts and then ask if I would eat it.

I get some of my best questions from friends and family that have been reading my blogs and trying my diet out.  I encourage you to ask me questions too!  I had a friend that called yesterday motivated to lose weight from reading my blogs.  She actually had me on the phone while she was in the grocery store!  I absolutely LOVE talking about what I have learned and am always happy to share.  Feel free to ask me questions anytime.  

 Tomorrow I am going to a party where I have deemed it a "special occasion."  I promised I would let you know how I rearrange my foods in order to have some alcoholic beverages.  Find out what I do tomorrow...

Weight -  117.2 lbs.

Exercise - 30 minutes power walking



Jenny Craig Breakfast Scramble (200 cal, 5g fat)

Can you tell I'm a fan of Jenny Craig's breakfasts?


1/2 cup fat-free organic milk

Lunch - 

2 oz. Healthy One's Ham

2 slices rye bread (100 cal, 2g fat)


Fat-free ranch dressing

6 oz. fat-free yogurt

sugar-free jello

Dinner - 

Dined Out

Chicken Skewers

Approximately 2 oz. chicken marinated in mesquite sauce (probably too high in sugar in sodium)

Bell Peppers

Approximately 2 oz. whole-grain rice

Caesar Salad (light dressing)

Asparagus (Cooked in sunflower seed oil)

Snack - 

Dined Out (don't usually like to have my snack out; but dinner was late at night and I needed something to hold me over)

Handful of tortilla chips

low-fat cream cheese, veggie cheese, and salsa dip

Since I ate this to hold me over until dinner I traded this as my usual 100 calorie snack that I usually have after dinner 


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