8/8/13 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Saturday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 8. August 2012 21:41

How do you fight off food cravings?  

Today I met my girlfriends at the mall.  We literally shopped until we dropped! We were there from noon until 5:30.  For some people they may be able to eat lunch before they leave and be fine until dinnertime when they get home.  But, since I'm eating smaller meals throughout the day by about four o'clock I am STARVING for dinner!

I ran errands before I met my friends so there was really no way to pack my lunch or eat beforehand.  When we got to the mall I decided to play it safe and get Subway. Choosing one of Subway's lower calorie sandwiches is always comforting because I know pretty much exactly what calories and fat grams are going into my mouth.  Of course, wouldn't you know it, by about 4:30 I knew it was my daily "feeding" time.  This is always when I eat my fruit for a snack when I am at home.  I didn't want to end up overeating when I got home just because I didn't have my snack with me.  Instead, (this is only for rare occasions!) I decided to go to Smoothie King.  I asked for a Banana/Strawberry Smoothie made Skinny (without turbinado and honey).  So basically all I was eating were fresh banana's and strawberries mixed with ice.  It was a nice treat and it helped keep me sane until I got home and could make dinner.  It is always better to keep the metabolism running as opposed to getting very hungry and then bingeing.  

What if it is too difficult for you to give up coffee and you love Starbucks?  Is there anything that is a better choice than others?  

Weight - 117.0 lbs.

Exercise - None


Breakfast - 

Jenny Craig Breakfast Stuffed Sandwich (200 cal, 5g fat)


1/2 cup fat-free organic milk

Lunch - 


6 in. whole wheat turkey sub (mustard, green pepper, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, and pickles)

Snack - 

6 oz. fat-free yogurt

5 small strawberries

Dinner - 

2 oz. scallops

2 oz. whole wheat pasta

2 tbsp. fat-free lemon dill sauce

yellow pepper, mushrooms, onion

Salad (romaine, tomatoes, croutons)

2 tbsp. light ranch

Snack - 

100 calorie pack

SoBe Lifewater 


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Katie's Healthy Eating

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