8/24/13-Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Monday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 24. August 2012 21:45

8/24/09 Monday


Today is the first day back to school for teachers.  I actually get excited for the school year to start!  I love change and luckily as a teacher I have this luxury.  However, with change comes fear of the unexpected (i.e. students, behaviors, colleagues, new routines, food).  It can be stressful enough as a special ed. teacher learning all the new disabilities and behaviors of my caseload.  Then figuring out personality types of the other teachers I will be working with, schedules, gossip, and demanding pressures and can do a number on my health!  The minute I am stressed I pack on the weight.  I know if my body holds onto it for safe keeping or what but it sure doesn’t help my stress level!  When you add in all the dangers of “work food,” wow the odds sure are against a healthy diet!  Our first day back we have a HUGE staff breakfast.  Would I rather have my breakfast at home where I know exactly what I am eating?  Absolutely.  Unfortunately, I know this is not realistic.  Find out tomorrow how you can be a part of the social environment and not kill your entire weight loss. 


Weight – 116.2 lbs.


Exercise – I consider heavy lifting off and on from 7am – 9pm a MAJOR WORKOUT!


Breakfast –


½ whole grain bagel

1 tbsp. egg casserole


1 cup mixed fruit


1 sugar-free/fat-free vanilla latte

 Lunch – DINED OUT

½ turkey sandwich (turkey, whole wheat, lettuce, tomato)


Small Greek Salad (spinach, feta cheese, tomatoes)


No Dressing

 Snack –  





1 Lean Cuisine Mushroom and Spinach Pizza


Salad (romaine, croutons)


2 tbsp. light honey-mustard


Snack –


100 calorie pack


Katie's Healthy Eating

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