9/26/13 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Saturday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 26. September 2012 09:52

Sorry if I left any of you wondering what in the world was going on with me.  I just read the post my husband wrote for me!  It wasn't anything serious - just a gum surgery but it still had me doped up, groggy, and on liquids for the past two days.  I'm doing much better now - as good as you can be when they drill into the roof of your mouth!  I've had some questions about how I prepare certain foods and I thought I would answer them in my post today.  The first question was about my breakfasts.  What do I typically eat and how do I prepare it.  To me, I just thought it would be obvious what I do but now from an outside perspective, how could you know when I just list them as ingredients?  For the Break-free eggs, sausage, and English Muffin, it doesn't really matter how you put it all together because it all goes into your body in some way.  But, I make an egg sandwich from it and it's delicious!  If you like cereal, do cereal.  Just be cautious of sugar - no more than about 6 or 7g.  Also, the cup of milk you have in the morning; if that's used in your cereal then that's it.  You don't get an additional cup of milk.  

The other question I had was what if I'm not hungry for all the snacks, milks, and yogurts.  JC always advised me, it doesn't matter.  Eat it anyway.  You need to get the right balance of calories from all the food groups.

Weight - 118.8 lbs.

Exercise - 60 minutes of hiking





Breakfast - 

1/3 cup (dry) Buckwheat Pancakes

1/4 cup sugar-free syrup


vanilla coffee with 4 pure via packets of natural sugar and 1 tsp. of fat-free vanilla creamer

Lunch - 

Kroger Veggies in low-fat cheese sauce (i needed something softer to be able to chew)

6 oz. fat-free yogurt

sugar-free jello

Kim and Scott's Spinach and Feta Pretzal

Snack - 


Dinner - 

2 oz. grilled chicken nuggets

1 SMALL baked potato with spray butter

Salad (romaine, carrots, cucumber, tomato, light cheese, and croutons)

2 tbsp. cucumber and yogurt dressing (3.5g fat, 50 calories)

Snack - 

100 calorie pack 

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