09/30/13 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Wednesday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 30. September 2012 20:32

I thought I would put a picture of my husband and me together since I always talk about him so much in my blogs!  I also would like to dig up some more before photo's so you get an idea of how big I really was.  It definitely takes hard work and a commitment to change your lifestyle; but if you do, you will feel healthier and more proud of your body.  

I think one of the hardest things for me to change was not drinking alcohol.  It is so hard because you don't realize how much socializing revolves around drinking.  I know that sounds like a pathetic cop out but I can't help it.  Sometimes it would be nice to have a glass of wine with my family or a margarita (which I thought I'd add, is one of THE worst alcoholic beverages to consume!).  You need to learn about your body and monitor your weight when you drink.  If you're like me, I automatically gain a half pound to a pound after drinking.  It's all about balance for me.  Even though I may want the strawberry margarita while I'm hanging out with my friends; I know tomorrow morning I'm going to be pissed that I gave in for 15 minutes of a tasty drink and maybe a slight buzz.  The largest complaints I hear are when others try the diet is about the alochol.  People give me a million excuses as to why they won't reduce the amount they consume.  It's no big deal if you do want to drink a few beers or glasses of wine weekly.  But, hey, if your weight doesn't drop don't blame it on the diet.  I'm telling you that unfortunately, losing weight can mean some sacrifices and I decided being thinner was more important to me.  You do what's more important to you and stop making excuses!

Weight - 118.8 lbs.

                                    Exercise - None


Breakfast -

1 Fiber One Apple Cinnamon Muffin


1 cup fat-free organic milk

Lunch -

Jenny Craig Pesto Pizza (290 cal, 9g fat, 380mg)

Cooked carrots

 6 oz. fat-free yogurt

sugar-free jello

Snack -


Dinner -

2 oz. whole wheat pasta, spray butter, and 1 tbsp. parm cheese

1 Gardenburger

Salad (mixed greens, pepper, croutons)

2 tbsp. light Greek dressing

Snack -

90 cal. Healthy Choice Fudge Bar

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