9/29/12 - Paula's Exercise/Eating Journal: Tuesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 30. September 2012 11:14

Good Morning.  Yesterday, I poured my heart out.  Cathartic?  Maybe.  But today I want to talk about typical energy zappers and what to do about them.

A big e.z. (energy zapper) that is often overlooked reflects the turbo-charged  lifestyle of our computer run, fastpaced life...How many choices we are forced to make everyday.  I'm exhausted just thinking of it.  From which coffee to order,  to job choices,  to how to avoid todays traffic jam, to what to feed the gang for dinner.  What happened to the carefree days of Leave It To Beaver?  Answer?  Pick your battles.  Easier said than done, but be organized and try to put a bit of Zenn in your life.  Don't sweat the small stuff (yes, I know, another cliche').  Try to limit the activities per day for you and your family.  Say no to volunteer projects if your already overscheduled.  Make you and your family's health and happiness a priority.

Look at your diet and your vitamin intake.  Do you meet the requirements for B12 and magnesium?  These vitamin turn food into energy.  Eat the 'clean foods' we talk about here all the time.  Your body's energy will reflect your diet.

Evaluate your pressure points. Emotionally, are you getting support from friends, family or a qualified health professional?  Ask for help if you need it.

Declutter your environment as much as you can.  I find a direct correlation between my house being in chaos, and my brain feeling stressed.  Ask your family for help.  Organize cubbies for shoes, backpacks and stuff.  Delegate chores.

At the beginning or end of your day.  Take 5-15 minutes for you.  Do whatever brings you peace (yoga, praying, cleaning, walking, reading or meditation).  TAKE the TIME  for YOU (no one will give it to you). You deserve it! You need it. Your worth it!!!

 9/29 Workout-

Recumbent Bike, 30 minutes

Strength Training- Triceps

Triceps kickback-12lb

Lying overhead dumbbell press- 12 lb.

Oblique crunch on stability ball (20 reps X 3)

One arm overhead triceps extension- 2 flat bands

Bench dips

Triceps pushdown- 2 tubes over door

Lying triceps extention- 26 lb bar

Dumbbell crunch on stability ball ( 5lb)

9/29 Food Diary:


Apple(70 cal)

Organic Steel cut oatmeal( 150 cal)

1/3 cup organic egg whites ( 70 cal)

 A.M. Snack-

1/4 cup zuchinni ( 10 cal)

1 red pepper(30 cal)

Pro nos protein shake  (150 cal)


3oz. Organic chicken breast ( 187 cal)

Salad- 2 cups mixed greens,, green beans, zucchini, 1/4 cup organic adamame, thawed( 65 cal)

P.M. Snack-

Apple (50 cal)

Grapefruit ( 40 cal)

Homemade air popped popcorn ( 90 cal)


1/2 cup brown rice with peas, carotts, 1 oz shrimp grilled (70 cal)

3/4 cup Archer cinammon protein cereal (120 cal)


Banana (90 cal)

Ice bar (80 cal) 


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