10/15/13 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Sunday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 11. October 2012 18:54

I'm ecstatic!  Whoooo!  I weighed myself today and I'm at least back down to 117.8 lbs!  Hopefully I continue this for when I weigh in on Tuesday for Jenny Craig!  

My husband was out at a bachelor party all last night and part of this morning.  I decided a good way to relieve my sadness over Lucky and enjoy the gorgeous fall weather was to power walk/run with my dogs.  I turned up my IPOD and jammed to some fast paced music to help increase my heart rate.  It was absolutely wonderful.  It really helped me sort out my thoughts, reflect on happier days with Lucky, and enjoy my two labs prancing around the farm.  It was nice to have some time to myself and collect my thoughts.  I know it sounds strange but I really forgot how important exercising is for not just the body, but the mind and soul as well.  I found myself constantly looking back to see if Lucky was behind me and then realizing she wasn't.  Even though there have been moments of deep sadness I know she had a good life and the amazing love from family, friends, and even the vet were bright spots that reminded me how thankful I am.  As I was running I just kept thinking, if there's a dog heaven, she's probably running right along with me happy and pain free (this being the first time in a long time she wasn't in arthritic pain or several paces behind us)!  Exercise does wonders for people and if you're able to fit it into your schedule a few times a week I highly recommend it; even if it's just to relax for a bit.

Weight - 117.8 lbs.

Exercise - 35 mins. power walking/run combo



Breakfast - 

1 cup homemade sugar free oatmeal


1 cup fat-free organic milk 

Lunch - 

2 oz. turkey bacon

Salad (croutons, mixed greens, tomatoes)

fat-free Italian Dressing

Snack - 

1 cup pineapple

Dinner - 

1 whole wheat tortilla

2 oz. chicken with peppers, mushrooms, onions

Snack -

Powerade Zero

100 calorie pack 

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Katie's Healthy Eating

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Amanda Glace
Amanda Glace
10/12/2013 6:32:32 PM #

Congrats katie!!! Smile

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