11/20/12 -Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Friday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 20. November 2012 21:50

If you are in a work/office/school environment during the holidays where there always seems to be goodies delivered...begging for you to try a morsel or two try these tips to help you through without feeling bad about your willpower: 

-Keep up with your water intake.  It is easy to feel run down, and tired if you get dehydrated which makes those rice crispie treats laid out with holiday icing all that more appealing.  Remember the lack of humidity within most office buildings can suck the moisture right out of your skin, and if you keep up your water intake that will help.

-Keep up with your exercise/eating journal.  Its easier to walk away from that fattening cup of eggnog when you think about writing 250 calories down under your daily calorie intake.

-Try going for a walk during lunch instead of hanging out in the break room with those cookies and pies.

- Wait until late in the afternoon to try your friends fudge.  By then it will be picked over and not seem quite so appealing.Make a date to meet a friend at the gym after work.  Who wants to get into workout clothes after chowing on fattening cupcakes.  It may help to give you some resolve to walk away from the sinful treats.

-Use the 5 minute rule.Tell yourself if you still want try it after 5 minutes, then you can.  You'll resist the urge later.

-Get enough shuteye.  Being tired or run down can make you vulnerable to treats in the afternoon.  If your well rested then you won't look to food to get you over the afternoon hump.

-Over the next couple of weeks we will discuss other ideas to help cope with holiday stresses so that everyone can enjoy the holidays!

 11/18 Workout :

Recumbent Bike- 30 minutes

Strength train-triceps /biceps

Treadmill- 13 min, 1.17 miles

Incline dumbbell curl

Triceps kickback ( singles)-10lb

Wide-grip bar curl- 26 lb bar

Bench triceps dip on bench

Triceps pushdown- 2 tubes

 11/18 Food Diary:


1 apple (57 cal)

Organic steel cut oats (150 cal)

1 banana ( 90 cal) 

A.M. Snack-

12 oz soft serve with strawberries (130 cal)


4 oz Mahi Mahi (100 cal)

Salad- 2 cup mixed greens, 1/3 cup garbanzo beans, 1/2 red sweet pepper, 1 oz non fat feta (120 cal.)

P.M. snack-

1 apple (57 cal)

Carbmaster yogurt (80 cal)

Sprinkle of protein cereal (30 cal)


4 oz Salmon( 240 cal)

3/4 cup broccoli( 35 cal) 

2 mushroom ravioli( 60 cal)


1/2 cup grapes (40 cal)


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