11/22/12- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Sunday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 22. November 2012 10:45

We talk about all the things we can DO to help sculpt our bodies and keep them healthy (and maybe look younger?).  One very important factor that is often overlooked is the importance of sleep.  Our schedules with our families and jobs and schools can be overwhelming.  Adding in workout seems impossible at times.  When is there time to sleep?

A lack of sleep actually creates a series of metabolic changes that may lead to weight gain.  Sleep effects two important hormones (leptin and ghrelin) that control appetite and whether you feel full.

According to a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, people who slept four hours per night for two nights had 18% decrease in leptin (it tells your brain when you've had enough to eat), and a 28% increase in ghrelin (it triggers hunger).

The lesson to learn here, is that a healthy body system that works efficiently requires healthy food choices (I utilize clean eating), plenty of water, cardio and weight training and sleep!

 11/22- Sunday Workout:


11/22- Sunday Food Diary:


Apple (67 cal)

pancakes (220 cal) 

shredded potatoes (70 cal)

A.M. Snack-

1 rice crispie treat (90 cal)

1 small apple (57 cal)


1/2 cup crab delights (80 cal)

4 asparagus (29 cal)

3/4 cup broccoli (30 cal) 

P.M. Snack-

misc. stuff (70  cal)

Asparagus (20 cal)

Candy corn (120 cal)


3 3/4  oz. scallops  (80 cal)

1 cup green beans (30 cal)

1/2 cup cous cous (125 cal)

1 red sweet pepper (26 cal)


Pumpkin pie(140 cal)

8 organic no salt almonds (70 cal) 


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