11/26/12- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Thursday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 27. November 2012 08:00

To help keep your eating and body composition on target during the holidays, make sure that your fridge is filled with clean eating foods that can easily be used for packing lunch for work, and for a quick healthy dinner at night.

You can accomplish this by par-steaming several veggies on a Sunday for the weekdays.  Some veggies that hold up well for the week are broccoli, green beans, asparagus, and carrots.  Don't completely cook veggies, but leave them 'al dente'.  They hold up better for a couple of days.  A bag of broccoli slaw, spinach and pea pods can be thrown in with egg whites at breakfast and into a salad, raw,at lunch.

You can pan sear chicken, Mahi Mahi, salmon and shrimp, weight and put into individual zip locks (mark weight onto bag).  These can be added to salads at lunch, or warmed up for dinner, or quieno with a drizzle of olive oil, garlic and balsamic vinegar.

I use butter flavored Pam to pan sear everything.  I use I Can't Believe Its Not Butter, to add a buttery flavor to popcorn, and veggies at no additional calories.  I sparingly use natural sea salt and mixed spices.

If you can prepare stuff it keeps your diet healthy, and it helps you manage your cooking/prep time.


11/25 - Wednesday Workout:

Recumbent bike- 30 minutes

Strength train- chest

push up on stability ball

chest press- full metal bar with 19lb added

chest extension- 20 lb

chest flye- 15lb

pilaties magic circle

11/25- Wednesday Food Diary:


Apple (67 cal)

Organic steel cut oatmeal (150 cal) 

1/4 cup blueberries(20 cal)

A.M. Snack-

protein shake (90 cal)

1 tomato (26 cal)


 4 oz Mahi Mahi (100 cal)

4 asparagus (29 cal)

3/4 cup broccoli (30 cal) 

1 whole wheat tortilla wrap (100 cal)

P.M. Snack-

1/2 cup non fat vanilla yogurt (55  cal)

1/4 cup non fat cottage cheese (40 cal)

1 whole jarred peach (90 cal)








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