11/27/13 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Friday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 28. November 2012 10:11

Reflecting on yesterday's Thanksgiving I think I did amazingly well!  First of all, it wasn't at my Mom's so the temptation to eat wasn't as great (something about the food you've grown up with is comforting and that much more appealing) even though my father-in-law's girlfriend is an INCREDIBLE cook (I'm talking gourmet here so when we get together for family dinners I'm finding it that much more difficult to abstain from eating all the yummy food prepared).  She's the one who made the Thanksgiving meal this year and I could've kissed her for making a lower-in-fat sweet potatoes recipe, cooked carrots and onions, and a sister-in-law who brought a low-fat broccoli dish.  My prayers had been answered I tell you!  Since I can't figure out why I'm not losing it was good to know I wasn't going to completely fall of the wagon.  These healthier options combined with my hour and a half hike I think really helped.  Now, this morning it did say 120.2 but I'm hoping that is due to all the sodium I probably consumed - even so a pound isn't too bad.  I was even prouder of myself because I only had a bite of my husband's pumpkin pie and a bite of the buckeye cake I made (not too bad!  I thought the small tablespoon of sweet potato souffle I had probably made up for my snack for the night).  All in all, I think I made pretty good choices.  To make the night even more memorable, we played board games as a family and it made it such a relaxing, fun Thanksgiving evening.

Weight - 120. 2 lbs.

Exercise - Manual labor on the farm for 4 hours




Breakfast - 

1/3 cup Buckwheat pancakes

1/4 cup sugar-free syrup


1 cup fat-free organic milk

Lunch - 

Cherry tomatoes

sugar-free jello

fat-free yogurt

2 oz. chicken over top 2 oz. whole wheat pasta with hot sauce and sprinkle of parmesan cheese

1 packet no sugar added hot chocolate (it was 32 outside and I just couldn't get warm so I had part of my snack as my dessert for lunch)

Snack - 

2 small clementine's

Dinner - 

Thanksgiving leftover's at my parents' house

Salad (romaine, tomatoes, red pepper) with 2 tbsp. light ranch

Approximately 2 oz. of  free-range turkey 

1 tbsp. mashed potatoes

1 tbsp. broccoli casserole (this is my FAVORITE dish but highly fatty with all the butter, crackers, and Velveeta cheese!)

2 tbsp. of my Dad's stuffing because I only eat it once a year

Snack - 

1/8 of my Dad's homemade pumpkin pie that he made low-fat, no crust, 2 tbsp. fat-free cool whip 


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