1/30/14 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Saturday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 31. January 2013 14:48

This weekend we were out of town visiting our friends who just had a baby about three months ago.  By the time we got up this morning it was 10 and my eating schedule was all out of whack.  They get up at 7 now because of the baby.  Our friends offered to run to the store and buy us some eggs but JB and I didn't want them to do that; besides, by the time we showered and got ready it was going to be lunchtime.  Whew, I usually eat all these small meals like clockwork so I was starving!  Luckily I had brought a Jenny Craig Vitamin Bar and some Bran Flakes.  I ended up having a few bites of the flakes to keep off the hunger.  Unfortunately that didn't last long and by the time we got to lunch (Mexican; which of course I love but sure can be dangerous!) I could hardly control myself. I ended up having a handful of tortilla chips with salsa.  I actually considered this a feat because I was so hungry and usually I could eat a whole basket to myself!  For lunch I decided I was sick of salads and just couldn't seem to stomach eating a bunch of lettuce when I was so hungry.  I needed more substance.  I ended up ordering 2 spinach enchilada's with rice and beans.  I'm sure by no means was it healthy but I do think it was one of the better choices.  I ate only one enchilada and made sure to scrape off the sauce and cheese.  Then, I actually scooped all the spinach out of the second one.  Even though the corn tortilla was probably my "serving size" for my starch I was still hungry and ate the rice and the refried beans that didn't have cheese.  Overall, it could've been a lot worse, but when you're out of town staying at someone else's house it seems almost impossible to have my normal (and yes, I know, strange) eating schedule!  Luckily, our friends are healthy eaters too and they made an incredibly nutritious, low-fat dinner to counteract my delicious lunch atrocity!


Breakfast - 

Handful of Bran Flakes

Coffee with a dash of soy milk and natural sugar

Jenny Craig Vitamin Bar

Lunch - 


1 spinach enchilada (no sauce or cheese) and the spinach inside of another enchilada

About 1/2 cup of rice and 1/4 cup refried beans

Snack - 

Grande Starbucks Skinny Latte

2 Tangelo's

Dinner - 

Approximately 2 oz. baked chicken with crushed red pepper

1/2 cup couscous

Broccoli and fresh green beans with 1 tbsp. light butter

Snack - 

Handful of sugar-free jelly beans

100 calorie pack 

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