04/02/13- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Friday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 3. April 2013 19:09

I am so jazzed to watch a program that carries on the message that I believe in on a national level!  It shows on ABC on Thursdays and is called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  Mr. Oliver is from the U.K. and he enters a normal, average school system and tries to re-educate the administration, food provider employees, and the children about clean eating (non- processed) food.  He faces push back from all of them because the administration is concerned about costs and if the children will actually eat the food provided.  The employees are concerned about the amount of work that it takes to make food from scratch, and if the children will eat it (they really do care about the children they cook for).  Most of the children aren’t used to eating food with color and silverware (I’m not kidding about the silverware.  Most kids never eat with silverware, and the school system didn’t even know if they had knifes to put out.  The workers were seriously concerned about giving Kindergarteners  knifes.  Jamie stood there in disbelief.  He explained that the learning process involved instructing the children how to properly use utensils! O.M.G. this was enlightening and alarming to me.

At the end, he wasn’t sure if the school system would approve the changes he made, but they all agreed if he could work on the food costs, they would continue the ‘experiment’.  He won! Kids were eating healthy food and it was COOL!  Rock on Mr. Oliver.  Now we can all go out there and get jazzed about healthy eating, and pass it on!!!!


4/2/10- Friday Exercise Diary :  

Recumbent bike- 30 min

Strength train- legs/shoulders ( 50 reps X 1 set)

single leg raises with rear delt flyes- 5 lb

backward lunges with biceps curl- 8 lb

squat into shoulder press- 10 lb

straight arm raises on Bosu- 5 lb

4/2/10- Friday Food Diary:


1 cup egg white, 1/2 cup organic spinach, handful spagetti squash  (120 cal)

whole wheat toast, dry, jam( 80 cal)

A.M. Snack-

1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese (80 cal)

1 cup non fat yogurt, 1/2 cup berries, grapefruit ( 175 cal)


5oz salmon ( 190 cal )

Salad- 1 1/2 organic spinach, 1/3 cup purple cabbage, 1/3 cup spagetti squash, 1 oz fat free feta, 1 tbls sunflower seeds, 4 asparagus (95 cal)


1 serving Deconstructed Lasagna (Clean Eating Magazine )(365 cal) 

 1 cup broccoli (26 cal)

zucchini (20 cal)


fat free chocolate pudding (60 cal) 


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