Removable Bridges

by Dr. James Springer 10. May 2013 10:54

A removable bridge readily can be taken out of the mouth and is sometimes called removable partial denture.  Removable dentures generally are less expensive then fixed bridges.  Removable dentures usually have teeth replacing missing teeth attached to gum-colored plastic bases connected by metal framework.  They may attach to your natural teeth with metal clasps or devises called precision attachments.

Inserting and removing the new partial takes some practice.  It can feel awkward for the first few weeks to eat, talk and just get comfortable with the new removable partial.  However, your mouth eventually should become accustomed to the partial itself and the function of the partial.  Your dentist will advise your how long you should wear the partial and how to take care of the partial so you get the most use from the appliance.  Your dentist will adjust the partial for sore spots in order to make the partial more comfortable while your wear the appliance.  Over time your removable partial may not fit as well and further treatment may need to be done to restore the appliance back to normal fit or may need to have a new partial manufactured.  Most repairs can be done in the same day.  Some repairs need to sent to a dental laboratory and that could take a few days.

Advantages of Removable Bridge over Fixed Bridge:

  • Usually easier to repair
  • Usually less expensive


  • Removable bridges can be less stable than alternative choices
  • They can break or be lost
  • Some people find removable bridges uncomfortable
  • Some people are embarrassed to take out their teeth at night and for cleaning

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