5/19/13- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Wednesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 20. May 2013 05:07

Home Exercising- Part 1:

There are exercises that hit the major muscle groups that can be done in a home setting with tubes, bands and a stability ball.  Examples of similar exercises can usually be found on the web.

1.       Bent over dumbbell row- This targets the back muscles.

2.       Stiff legged dumbbell lift.  This works your hamstrings.  Be sure to keep your core engaged, to protect your back.  Also don’t lock up your knees.

3.       Stability ball push up.  This can be done with your shins resting on the stability ball, or the opposite with your hands on a large stability ball.  Both engage your chest and core, but engage the muscle differently.

4.       Stability ball roll out.  It works your core with the same motion as an ab-roller.  Be sure not to extend your torso so far that you end up with an arch which can stress your back and avoids the real core work.

5.       Stability ball crunch.  Be conscious of engaging the long line of core muscles slowly to be effective.  If you don’t feel a burn, slow the whole movement down.

Come back tomorrow to find out the last 5 exercises that you can do at home, with little money invested in equipment, but can show you results!



5/20/10- Wednesday Workout:

Treadmill-2.28 miles,  30 minutes

Spin bike (pre programmed bike at home) 50 minutes

Strength train- biceps

biceps row- 1 tube

hammer curl- 12lb

concentrated curl on stability ball- 15 lb

biceps curl, turned out- 1 tube

tube hammer curl- 1 tube

5/20/10- Wednesday Food Diary:


grapefruit (40 cal)

1 cup egg whites, 1/4 cup acorn squash, 1 cup organic spinach (170 cal)

whole wheat toast, 1 tbls no sugar added jam (80 cal)

A.M. Snack-

6 oz pasturized egg whites( 60 cal)

protein shake( 110 cal)


apple( 57 cal)

 P.M. Snack-

1 cup cauliflower/broccoli (40  cal)

 1 cup no-fat cottage cheese, handful of pinapple chunks (180 cal) 


8 scallops (105 cal) 

1/2 cup wild rice with spinach and cherry tomatoes (160 cal)

1/2 cup grilled onions/mushrooms( 50 cal)


homemade popcorn (90 cal) 


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