Tooth Whitening

by Dr. James Springer 1. June 2013 14:13

This a process that will make teeth appear whiter if they are discolored.  Approaches to whiten your smile include in-office bleaching, at home bleaching and whitening toothpastes.

In-office whitening is done in the dental office using stronger bleaching agents than are available for home use.  The dentist will apply either a protective gel to your gums or a rubber dam shield to protect your oral soft tissue.  A bleaching agent is then applied to the teeth, and a special light may be used to activate the bleaching agent.

There are several types of products available for home bleaching, which can be dispensed by your dentist or purchased over-the-counter.  A bleaching product actually changes the natural tooth color and a non bleaching product, like whitening toothpaste, helps removed surface stains.


  • 100 years ago 50% of adults in North America were toothless.
  • Today less than 10% of adults over age 65years have lost teeth.


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Taking Care of Your Teeth

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