7/7/13-Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Wednesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 8. July 2013 18:04

Protein plays such an important part in muscle growth. Try to eat 4 ounce of lean protein at every meal.  At breakfast that can be accomplished through egg whites, high protein cereal, or a protein shake,  if your short on time.


At lunch and dinner you can add quinoa, black beans, nuts,  greek yogurt ( really high in protein), lentils, seafood, white meat turkey, chicken or pork, or beef tenderloin( Tenderloin is the leanest cut of beef.  A ribeye contains almost twice the saturated fat as tenderloin).

Try having protein after exercise to see muscle gains from your hard work.  If you pair protein with carbs after exercise, the carbs enhance the protein absorption.  Just use moderation in the portion size if your exercise time co-ordinates with snack time versus meal time.

Be aware of how your body metabolizes protein (if I eat too much chicken, it negatively affects my digestive system), and realize that more than 4 ounce per meal doesn’t do more for you.  At certain levels, the body doesn’t metabolize the additional protein, so portion control is helpful.


Wednesday 7/07/10- Workout:

recumbent bike- 30 min

Weight train- biceps

Bicep Extension- 10 lb

Weighted ball arm extension- 8lb ball

Concentrated curl- 12lb.

Bicep extension ( arms facing out slightly to the sides) 1 tube

Bicep Row- 10 lb bar


Wednesday 7/07/10- Food diary:


1 portion Egg Casserole ( see receipe section for recipe) (120cal.)

1/2 cup assorted berries (55cal.)


A.M. Snack -

1 tbls almond butter (95 cal.)

1 cup celery (36 cal.)

6 grape tomatoes (15 cal.)


4oz chicken (187cal) Baked

1/4 cup yellow squash (25 cal)

1 handful raw spinach (20 cal)

1/4 sweet potato (30cal)

P.M. Snack-

1 cup organic oatmeal with dried fruit (150 cal) 


6 oz Mahi Mahi- pan seared with butter flavored non stick spray, spices (135cal.)

1 cup Zucchin (80 Cal)

1 cup Asparagus ( 70 cal)

3 cups mixed greens( 89 cal)

1/2 mixed berries over low fat vanilla yogurt ice cream (150 cal)



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