8/01/13- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Sunday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 1. August 2013 15:37


One of my most favorite bottom exercises is single-leg squats.  The best way to keep the bottom appearing raised and rounded is to work the gluteus maximums, the gluteus medias, and the gluteus minimums (smallest and deepest).  The single-leg squats, as well as walking lunges with a weight bar, are also effective exercises.

It is really important to track your bent knee placement when doing these exercises.  You don’t want to allow your knee to flare out or get out in front of your foot.  You can cause stress or damage to your knee that way.  If you feel any pain, then stop.  If need be, contact your physician.

As we get older, gravity impacts our shape so we have to work actively against that southerly pull and fight to keep it perky!


Sunday 8/01 Workout:


Sunday 8/01 Food Diary:


 ½ cup non fat cottage cheese, ½ cup non fat vanilla with ¼ cup blueberries (95 cal.)

1/3 cup egg whites, with 1/3 cup mixed squash (110 cal.)

 A.M.  Snack-

Whole, cut red pepper (40 cal.)

peach (70 cal)


  5oz chicken over 2 cups raw spinach, 9 cherry tomatoes, ¼ cup blanched broccoli, sunflower seeds, less than 1/8 cupgarbanzo beans (80 cal.)

P.M. Snack-

Apple, 12 raw almonds  (120 cal.)



4 oz Salmon (I pan sear this with seasonings and Pam) ( 240 cal.)

½ cooked Quinoa [pronounced  KEEN-WA- this whole grain, found in the organic section at grocery stores or whole foods groceries, is the most nutritious of all grains.  Its high in fiber, a good source of iron,  and has all 8 essential amino acids.  It is great as part of a summer salad with cucumber, Craisons,  cilantro and whatever else is in your fridge, or as a starch on your evening plate.  I cook it with 2 tbls. Of chix bouillon]

1 whole roasted, sliced beet (40 cal.)


3/4 cup mixed berries with 1/2 cup non fat vanilla yogurt (110 cal.)

sprinkle of high fiber breakfast ereal (50 cal)


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