How to take care of my bridge

by Dr. James Springer 5. August 2013 09:12

It is very important to keep your remaining teeth healthy.  Brush at least twice an day and clean between the teeth with floss or interdental cleaners.  These measures help remove a sticky film of bacteria called plaque.  Plaque causes gum disease and dental decay.  A bridge can lose its support if the teeth or the bone that holds it becomes damaged by dental disease.  Be especially careful to clean the areas under, around and between the bridge and your natural teeth.  Dental floss threaders and special brushes can help you reach these areas.  It is also important to visit your dentise regularly.  Remember, the ultimate success or failure of a fixed bridge depends on its foundation.  Help keep your gums and remaining teeth healthy.  Your dental health and your appearance are worth the effort.


  • Egyptians used a form of toothpaste over 5000 years ago.
  • The electric toothbrush first appeared in 1939.


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Taking Care of Your Teeth

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Healthy teeth are an important part of your child’s overall health and it would  result from a regular habit of proper oral care.  

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