8/25/14 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Wednesday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 25. August 2013 20:18

Is 6-8 weeks enough time for the working Mom on maternity leave? To someone that has never been pregnant I think that sounds like a substantial amount of time. I don't mean it to sound like all the sudden I'm some kind of "know it all" but I do know when I had no interest in babies or being pregnant I thought that sounded like plenty of time. If you are not in that stage of life there is just no relating. In fact, in previous years, at baby showers it took everything in my power to focus and pay attention. I couldn't even fathom having a baby, therefore, it was hard for me to even understand why someone would want to engage in all that work! I think being a teacher had just honestly "sealed the deal" for me as well. I love my job whole heartedly but "being on stage" all day left me wanting more adult encounters outside of work. If I wasn't on a time crunch, with endometriosis dictating my ability to have children (more likely for only a 1% chance to conceive once I turned 30) I'm pretty sure we still wouldn't be pregnant - not for several more years. But, now that I am eager and excited about my son I can't wait to see him. I want to watch every show there is about babies, read about babies, and talk about babies. Now after keeping this little guy in here for what is really 10 months; 6-8 weeks sounds like I'm being cheated out of more time with my son. It makes me feel like workplaces don't really accommodate mothers at all. How does 10 months in the womb equivocate to only 6-8 weeks with the actual baby?!!!! Doesn't make sense to me at all. If I had the luxury to take off a few years (I never thought I'd say this because I love being busy and I love my job) I wonder if I would... WEDNESDAY Breakfast - 100 cal English Muffin, 1 Morning Star Veg Sausage, 1/4 cup Break-free eggs 1/2 cup no-sugar added applesauce 1 cup fat-free organic milk Lunch - 2 oz. whole wheat pasta, broccoli, and 1/4 cup fat-free cheese Fat-free yogurt Snack - Apple Dinner - 2 oz. Laura's Lean Beef mixed with just a tad of brown sugar, onions, and ketchup to make sloppy joe's on whole wheat bun Green beans with 1tbsp. margarine Snack - 100 cal pack

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