9/4/14 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Saturday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 5. September 2013 14:28

I had the most incredible experience last week!  Remember how I blogged about doing a pregnancy massage?  I got along really well with the girl at Becoming Mom that gave me a pedicure and I had been telling her that I only had the one ultrasound at 20 weeks.  Next thing I knew I had a surprising phone call the following day asking if I wanted to be a guinea pig for their new 4D machine so they could train their employees!  The girl who did my pedi had recommended me!  Wasn't that nice?  The funny thing is, when people I know who have opted to pay approximately $200 for the 4D imaging I have been adamant that I would never do it.  First, because it's a lot of money.  Secondly, because I still think the baby is difficult to see and looks like an alien for all that money.  But, I must say, my tune has changed.  Obviously mine was free so I'm not going to lie, that makes it worthwhile no matter what!  I rate it as one of the most magical things I've ever seen...but it's not for the CD and pictures they give you at the end.  Those still, in my opinion, remain difficult to see and make the child look like an alien.  What was so incredible was feeling my son move and kick inside my belly and then seeing even for only a glimpse on a huge flat screen his foot, hand, arms, legs, or face.  He was grasping his toes and bending them backwards.  He covered his face with his hands.  I could see the pudgy little rolls on his arms and his chubby cheeks.  My Mom was bawling and my husband and I were beaming ear to ear.  It was an incredible experience and I just don't think freezing those images to photo were able to be captured like they were for that fleeting movement onscreen.  It was all about being there, watching him, and living in that experience.  It's indescribable and I would do it again if I could!


Breakfast - 

1 serving of Fiber One pancakes with a banana added to it with 1/4 cup sugar-free syrup

1 cup fat-free organic milk

Lunch - 

whole wheat tortilla, lettuce, mustard, and 1/4 cup low-fat cheese

Fat-free yogurt

Snack - 


Dinner - 

5 grilled shrimp with a baked potato and 1 tbsp. margarine

Green beans with spray butter

Snack - 

100 cal pack

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