9/24/14 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Friday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 24. September 2013 19:33

Yesterday was our weekly baby doctor appointment.  The doc asked if I wanted to even be checked to see if I'd dilated at my appointment today.  Was he crazy?!  Heck yes I wanted to be checked.  If I was more than 1 cm (what I was last week) I was going to thrilled because that means progress!  Besides, what's the point in going then? - so they can tell me I gained another pound?!  Yep, so I told him to go ahead and check but of course, I was still only 1 cm.  He said that I shouldn't get down about it because all women are different and technically I could walk out the door and an hour later be in delivery.  Yeah, yeah, I knew all that but to me, more dilation meant things were moving along.  Bummer.  He explained that if I wasn't having any contractions the following week I really didn't need to be checked again.  Dilating apparently is no indication anyway of when you are going to deliver.  These last few weeks just feel like torture to me.  It almost goes slower than the last eight months did!  I guess I'm just so excited to meet him that I'm becoming impatient; plus I'm not going to lie, I'm uncomfortable and I just want to get him out!  Hopefully next week I will have some progression!


Breakfast - 

1 packet low-sugar oatmeal with 1/4 cup raisins

1 cup fat-free organic milk

Lunch - 

2 slices whole wheat bread, lettuce, tomato, and a low-fat slice of cheese


Fat-free yogurt

Snack - 


Dinner - 

whole wheat tortilla with 1 cup fat-free refried beans, lettuce, tomato, and 1/4 cup fat-free cheese

Snack - 

1/8 fat-free angel food cake

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