10/25/13- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Monday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 26. October 2013 12:44

I had a reader send in a question about arthritis.  She has been dealing with the painful illness for many years with many conflicting recommendations from different doctors. She asked me to investigate some info for her.  I went to the search engine on the homepage and found a huge amount of information.  Here are some basic facts:

-1 out of 3 women has arthritis

- Arthritis is the # 1 cause of disability in women and # 3 in men

-70,000 million adults currently suffer from some form of arthritis

There is a lot of information out on the web about how to manage the symptoms, and treat the pain.  Here is a link to an article from the home page.  A lot of answers can be found Here.

 Another article I found discussed over the counter ‘holistic’ medicines versus doctor prescribed medicines.  Here is an clip from that article.  Discuss any changes to

 your treatment with your doctor before acting on them.  Get all the information you need to make good choices.

Fast facts

·         The active ingredients of herbal remedies are chemicals that are similar to conventional medications. There is no scientific basis for the claim that “natural” medicines are gentler and safer than conventional medications. Many traditional herbals cause dangerous, and even fatal, side effects.

·         Herbal remedies are not regulated as drugs by the FDA. Their composition is variable and they may be contaminated by prescription medicines or toxic metals.

·         There are no herbal medicines whose health claims are supported by sound scientific evidence.

The truth about “natural” remedies

What is a “natural” medicine and how does it differ from prescription and over-the counter (OTC) medications? Medicines are chemicals that alter body functions, such as lowering blood pressure or blood sugar. These chemicals may produce beneficial or harmful effects. Prescription and OTC drugs are purified chemicals whose ingredients, benefits and effects have been studied extensively. Herbal medicines are plant extracts that contain dozens of chemicals whose actions are unknown. It is no more “natural” to swallow a mixture of plant chemicals than to swallow a single chemical: a drug is a drug. In fact, there is no scientific basis for advertising claims that natural remedies are gentler and safer than conventional medications.


10/25/10- Monday Workout Diary:

stationary bike- 30 minute

strength training- back

upright single arm back pull -10 lb

seated row ( on door- 2 tubes)

bent over dumbbell row-8 lb

Low back row- 2 tubes secured in door frame

back row - on universal machine-3 plates

seated on stability ball,  single arm back row- 1 tube


Wednesday 10/25/10- Food Diary:


1/2 cup egg whites, 1/8 cup brocolli, 1 cup spinach  (70 cal)

 1 weight watchers whole wheat english muffin, 1 tbls Polander all fruit (110 cal)

A.M.  Snack-

1 cup pasturized egg whites,1/2 scoop whey protein shake mix (195 cal)


2 tbls hummus, 1 whole wheat , low carb tortilla, 6 asparagus, 5 crunchy pea pods (270 cal)

1/3 cup chopped tomatoes (20 cal)

 P.M. Snack-

salad- 2 cup spinach, 1/2 red sweet pepper, 1/2 tomato, 1 tbls sunflower seeds,2 quarters- artichokes  (75 cal)


4 oz Mahi mahi (100 cal)

1 cup baked ziti (whole wheat pasta), with shitake mushrooms instead of ground beef- homemade (350 cal)


1 greek 0% milkfat yogurt ( 90 cal)

1/2 cup strawberries(40 cal)



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