Why couldn't you just remove the tooth?

by Dr. James Springer 15. November 2013 07:40

The choice is yours, but there are many disadvantages to losing a tooth.  When a tooth is removed and not replaced, the teeth next to the empty space begin to shift from their position.  This may cause teeth to become crooked or crownded, which decrease chewing and biting efficiency.  Crowded or crooked teeth may be more prone to dental disease because they are harded to keep clean than properly aligned teeth.  As a result, other teeth may be lost  if the missing tooth is not replaced.

A replacement tooth ( an implant or bridge)  is usually more expensive than endodontic treatment and involves more extensive dental procedures on adjacent teeth.

Endodontic treatment can safely and comfortably save a tooth that otherwise would have to be removed.  In fact, root canal therapy is successful approximately 95% of the time.  Remember, a healthy restored tooth is always better then an artificial one.

  • Over 40% of North Americans have at least one tooth that could benefit from some type of treatment.
  • U.S. and Japanese studies have found that black or green tea has antibacterial powers that help prevent cavities and gum disease.


Taking Care of Your Teeth

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madison styles
madison styles
12/14/2014 8:43:24 AM #

Just take it off!

Madison Styles
Madison Styles
12/14/2014 1:17:59 PM #

I really believe  that some dentist spending is just unnecessary; it is certainly less costly to remove the tooth and then get a bridge or whatever, problem solved.

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