11/26/14 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Friday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 27. November 2013 13:54

Hello all!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoyed yourselves, and ate the best you could.  If you overate then you know you need to add in some extra workouts that are longer and more intense this week.  I did an interval training aerobic workout on Thanksgiving that kicked my butt!  I walked and ran for 45 minutes.  I burned over 300 calories and exercised for over 2 miles.  I know 2 miles is not that much however, for me, it is if I'm running.  I am not a runner - at all - so this was crazy intense on an incline and sweat was pouring out of me.  I did an ab workout for about 10 minutes after.  However, I still gained 2 pounds!  You've got to be kidding me.  Here's what I ate:

approximately 3 oz. of turkey

1 tsp of mashed potatoes

approximately 1/3 cup sweet potatoes (made this low fat. click on sweet potatoes for the recipe and scroll down until you find low fat sweet potato casserole)

approximately 1 cup of stuffing because it is my ABSOLUTE favorite (i was only supposed to have a 1 cup of starch total so i went a little over)

approximately 2 cups of low fat broccoli casserole (i used 2 heads of broccoli and cut them with long stalks still on them.  i layered in the crock pot with broccoli, 4 tsp. of margarine dispersed throughout, and 4 slices cut thin of 2% Velveeta Cheese, with 4 low fat Ritz Crackers crushed up.  layer until 2 heads are used up.  put on low until broccoli is soft, cheese is melted and crackers are soggy)


2 low fat pumpkin cookies (click on pumpkin cookies for the link) .6g fat TOTAL! with a dollop of cool whip on each.  Tasted like pumpkin pie to me!


I thought I did well overall because I didn't feel as if I overate and I had an extremely healthy dessert.  So bummed about gaining 2 pounds but my JC consultant seems to think it may be water weight from too much sodium and that it will go down tomorrow.


On a positive note:  I'm so thankful...my Mom was having a semi-good day!  Her back and neck were killing her but she did not have a migraine, extreme nausea, or the flu-like symptoms!  She had a smile on her face most of the night and was even able to play board games with us after dinner.  I was so happy and couldn't have been more grateful.

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