01/12/15- Paula's Eating Exercise Journal: Sunday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 9. January 2014 07:39

 New Year’s Resolutions- PART 3;

Making New Year’s resolutions are a great way to kick-start a healthy lifestyle that can help you achieve better health, more energy, clearer thinking and a slimmer, firmer body shape.  Unfortunately, most people do not stick with their resolutions for very long.  I encourage you to make reasonable, doable changes (not ones like “loose 30 pounds”).  That’s huge, way too vague, and easy to drop quickly when you don’t see reasonable results.  If you’re just coming into our list, please go back and read day 1 and 2 from the last two days.  The last several ideas are:

10. Try to reduce your salt and sugar intake.  For me the sugar issue is what I struggle with.  Keeping my protein intake consistent, helps me reduce my sugar craving by keeping my glucose levels even, which reduces sugar cravings.  If I’m dying for ice cream, I drive past the ice cream store (quickly), and I will have a portion of Greek 0% yogurt, with non-fat cream topping and berries.  This satisfies that sweet tooth, without the extreme, empty calories (Greek yogurt is very high in protein).

11. Keep a food/exercise diary.  You can make your own and have it copied at a print store (that’s what I did), or they are available on-line, or as phone apps.  Being accountable by documenting your choices, will have a positive effect on being consistent on achieving your goals, and help you identify your trouble zones.

12. Be kind to yourself. 

Know your strengths and challenges (not weaknesses).  Try to make changes.  Where you face challenges, study your process.  Mix it up.  Look for advice.  You can write here to me or any of the other bloggers, at the bottom of each day’s blogs.  Try something new (a new food, or a new class)

Never give up!  Your good health and happiness is worth the effort!!!

01/09/11- Exercise Diary: Sunday

 P90X Dvd- legs/back, 60 minutes

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