Detoxification Treatment Modalities

by Drs. Gurney & Marina Pearsall 31. January 2014 10:02

Drs. G and M Pearsall

 Over the last few weeks we have talked a lot about our toxic environment and the burden that it places on our bodies.  Now we are going to get into some of the methods for combating those toxins and reclaiming your health. 

The first of the Detoxification Modalities that we are going to discuss is Chelation Therapy.  Chelation is a method of binding, attaching and removing toxic heavy metals such as Mercury, Lead and Arsenic from our bodies.  Intravenous Chelation is the most effective route.  Chelation should be combined with Glutathione supplementation to have a more potent effect.  Some nutrients have a high binding constant and are easily removed by chelation (for example, iron, zinc, CA, Mg and so on).  For this detoxification modality to work properly, numerous essential minerals like iodine, zinc, sulfur, selenium and so forth need to be replaced after your IV treatments with post chelation supplementation.  Minerals compete with toxins for binding sites. So, when one’s body is properly mineralized, the absorption and toxicity of heavy metals is greatly reduced.


Chelation, when properly administered and combined with other IVs, oral nutrients and gastro-intestinal supplements are known to be prescribed for patients with abnormal tissue levels of Heavy Metals, Vascular Disorders such as: Coronary Artery Disease, Cerebrovascular Diseases, Hypertension, Rheumatologic Disorders and Autism.

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