Could a baby tooth one day save your child’s life?

by Dr. Charles Bell 2. March 2014 15:57

What am I talking about?  Stem Cells. Much research is being done to develop new stem cell therapies in addition to those diseases currently using stem cell transplantation.  Stem cells are unique because they can turn into many different cells. The future of this research seems a very promising one in medicine.


Recently scientists at the NIH discovered that baby teeth as well as wisdom teeth are a good source of stem cells. These are adult stem cells and not the controversial embryonic stem cells.


This area of medicine is rapidly changing.  But consider that adult stem cells from bone marrow and umbilical cords have been used to treat blood cancers and other blood related issues for years now.   

So what if you could store these stem cells so that in the future they could be used as a genetic match for your child and possibly even useful for a family member?  I know it sounds a little out there… but food for thought.



What will the future bring? I have no idea, but your child’s teeth may present a unique opportunity to access your child’s stem cells.

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