03/04/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal : Friday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 4. March 2014 07:06

 With spring break around the corner, the focus of big sweaters and shirts will be peeled away to reveal…a back that needs a bit of tightening?  Let’s work together to find solutions:

1.    Bent- over rear delt fly- Proper form is critical so you don’t move this place-of-work into your shoulders.  Sit on the edge of a bench or a solid chair with your feet flat on the edge of a bench holding light dumbbells in each hand, fold over from your hips to bring your chest to your knees.  With hands facing your ankles, exhale and lift dumbbells up and out to the sides, keeping your arms in alignment with your shoulders (NOT behind).  Pause briefly at the top and lower back down with control.  Repeat.

2.     2. One arm rear delt row- Put one knee and parallel hand on bench with other foot firmly placed on floor.  Pull bent arm up with elbow raising toward the ceiling.  Don’t let the arm drift back.  Pause when the elbow is parallel with the shoulder.  Lower with control.

3.  3.  Back pulls- (either on a bar or with tubes firmly attached high over a door or on a cable machine). 


4.     . Superman-This works glutes and lower back.  Lay on stomach, raise feet and hands up off the floor (keep head in a neutral position to reduce neck strain).

The back is a difficult muscle group to sculpt and see quick results, but with weight training and a clean eating diet (a good diet is critical if fat reduction and muscle development is your goal) may produce results.

                                                                                           03/04/11- Friday Exercise Diary:

Yoga tape- 45 minutes 

Cardio DVD- 45 minutes- 45 minutes 

03/04/11-Friday Food Diary: 

Plan B

7:00-4 large egg whites (67 cal)

Bread (whole wheat, I'm using Ezekial bread from the organic freezer section.  It has no glutens, and low sugar and salt) (110 cal)

11 a.m.- protein shake (160 cal)

2 p.m.-3 oz.  Beef ( sirloin brioled and trimmed) (176 cal)

3 oz sweet potatoes ( baked)

8 oz green vegetables ( raw or steamed)

1/2 tsp Uda's or flax oil ( 65 cal)

6 p.m.- 3 oz Fish, tuna (bag or can) (101 cal)

3 oz. corn ( boiled - I dont cook mine and I use organic bagged corn)

8 oz cauliflower ( steamed) (74 cal)

1/2 tsp Uda's or flax oil ( 65 cal)

                                                                                                          8 p.m.- 3 oz chicken breast ( roasted)

                                                                                                                3 oz brown rice or quieno ( 101 cal)

8 oz. green vegetables (raw or steamed) (88 cal)


*I use a food weighing scale to measure the meat and the greens.  If you put a container on the scale and it shows a certain weight, then press on again and it will accomidate the weight of the container holding the food, and give you ONLY the weight of the food. 

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Fine Art Shipping
3/8/2015 5:50:26 AM #

Really great post of information.With regards with our health.Always keep more interesting publications.

3/8/2015 4:28:04 PM #

Thanks for your support.  I have such passion for these subjects and I'm glad that you enjoy them. ' Like' my blog on Facebook, or forward it to your friends.  Lets work on these issues together!

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