3/4/15 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Saturday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 5. March 2014 08:40
A lot of our friends' babies were sleeping through the night by 5 months.  Our son has probably done it a handful of times but we would like to get him less accustomed to eating in the middle of the night.  He seems to want to routinely wake up at 2ish most nights.  Awhile back I wrote a blog about how one of our son's nurses gave us great advice about how all babies are different.  But, her recommendation was that if he is getting into the habit of waking up at a certain time then we could start letting him cry it out.  Ha, if you remember I told you that this would be really tough for me?.  My husband has been saying for the past several weeks we need to let him cry it out.  Well, I'm on baby duty during the night for the work week.  I have not wanted to experiement with this because I know at first I'll lose more sleep...and selfishly it will be hard to hear my son wail for food.  Then, I made the mistake of telling my husband that a friend at school (the teacher's lounge is like the "mom's club" and I get my best advice from lots of other teachers that I work with; I love it!) told me maybe I should try weaning our son off the 6 oz. at the 2 o'clock feeding.  Darn, why did I tell him this?.  Of course he hung onto this advice because he wants to start doing it.  Well, luckily I was sick when my husband decided to start trying it.  He started doing night duty this week and he started decreasing from 6 -4 and now 4 - 2 oz.  He is the one that has been letting our son wail and coming back in four hours later to put the binky back in his mouth.  Fine with me...but last night was my first night to do the new system of only 2 oz..  I was so ready to give FJ more formula when he started bawling but he surprised me and I tried rocking him (like my husband said worked, unfortunately) and he fell back asleep!  At 6 he fussed for his binky and fell back asleep again...LOL, I hate it when my husband is right!  Undecided
Breakfast -
JC Blueberry Pancakes with 1/4 cup sugar-free syrup
1 cup fat-free milk
Snack -
JC Vanilla Crisp Anytime Bar
Lunch -
JC Pesto Pizza
Snack -
Dinner -
JC Classico Parmesan
Caesar salad (brough my own 2 tbsp. light caesar dressing)
Snack -
JC Yogurt Dream Bar

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Katie's Healthy Eating

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