Interesting Chiropractic Statistics

by Dr. P. Carl Rafey 14. March 2014 06:36

dr. carl rafey

1. 87% of low back pain patients improved under chiropractic care

2. 94% of acute neck pain (Torticollis) patients got better under chiropractic care

3. Chiropractic prevents arthritis

4. 90% of lumbar disc patients got better with chiropractic care

5. Chiropractic reverses aberrant sensory issues and improves motor control

6. Chiropractic increases balance and prevent falls

7. Chiropractic has been deemed safe for children

8. Chiropractic is 457% more effective than Medicine for chronic low back pain

9. 83% of dizziness sufferers improved under chiropractic care

10. Chiropractic certified 75% more effective than drug therapy for headaches and migraines

11. 85% to 100% of headache sufferers got better with chiropractic care


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