03/16/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal : Wednesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 17. March 2014 05:48

It is possible in our zest for the ‘ultimate guns’ or ‘6 pack abs’ to go too far…to plateau or worse to burn out.  Let me tell you some warning signs so that if you feel this way, that you can adjust your schedule or expectations so that you aren’t tempted to quit working out completely.

1. If you don’t even want to participate in your exercise regime that you used to do regularly.

2. If you feel sluggish and a few days rest or an increase in your protein or calorie consumption don’t relieve the symptoms.

3. Your unexplainable cranky.  It may be physical from a medical standpoint (PMS, change in medicines, a lack of B12, diabetes…), or the crankiness could be a result of a very low carb diet, or from emotional stress.  If you do feel this way, a short break from your high-intensity workout schedule could be what you need.

4. If you can’t weight lift what you could 3-4 weeks ago and it is not from an injury.

5. If you experience some of these symptoms, take a few days rest, and increase your calorie count by a couple of hundred calories. 

If that doesn’t help, contact your physician for a full work up. 

 It’s more important to address how you’re feeling then to completely burn out and give up exercise.

 03/16/11- Wednesday Exercise Diary:

 weight lifting with trainer- 55 minutes

 03/16/11-Wednesday Food Diary: 

Plan B

7:00-1 cup egg whites (120 cal)

2 pieces Bread (whole wheat, I'm using Ezekial bread) (160 cal)

11 a.m.- protein shake, 1/2 cup pasturized egg whites (190 cal)

2 p.m.-3 oz.  Beef- I use Bison meat( sirloin brioled and trimmed) (176 cal)

 3 oz sweet potato, oven baked ( 115 cal)

8 oz mixed greens ( organic spinach, beets, green beans, brocolli slaw) (88 cal)

1/2 tsp Uda oil ( flax, sesame oil)( 65 cal)

 5:45 pm-

 3 oz baked cod ( 95 cal)

3 oz corn (70 cal)

8 oz roasted cauliflower (75 cal) 


3 oz chicken breast ( 141 cal)

3 oz brown rice ( 101 cal)

8 oz. green vegetables (88 cal)

1 Dove sugar free peppermint (40 cal)



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