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by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 28. March 2014 08:01



According to Cancer.org there are lifestyle factors that can affect breast cancer risks:

-Women who use oral contraceptives (birth control pills) have a slightly greater risk of breast cancer than those who have never used them.


-Combined hormone therapy after menopause increases the risk of breast cancer.


-It appears as if breast feeding may slightly lower breast cancer risks (especially if the mother       breastfed for 1.5-2 years)


-Alcohol is clearly connected to an increased risk of breast cancer.  The more you drink regularly, the more your risk increases.


-Being overweight or obese has been found to increase your risk (especially in women after menopause).


-More studies are showing that exercise reduces breast cancer risk.  The American Cancer Society recommends 45-60 minutes of exercise 5 or more days per week.


-The use of antiperspirants has a more controversial connection to breast cancer.  Often this seems more rumor than a proven fact.


Breast cancer risks are predicated on family history, lifestyle risk factors and the issues discussed above.  Research your risk factors and have a yearly mammogram based on the time line you and your OB-GYN designate.



Sunday 03/27/11-Exercise Diary:

stretch DVD- 55 minutes

ab DVD- 15 minutes

bike ride with my boys

I'm not doing a food blog this week because I'm on vacation with my family

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atlanta wedding
atlanta wedding
3/30/2015 5:00:35 AM #

Terrific idea of posting this kind of information regarding recipes and healthy eating.

4/3/2015 11:23:27 AM #

I'm so glad that you like the receipe.  You really can eat clean and enjoy tasty, healthy, energy producing foods!  Keep me posted on any ideas you find that we can all enjoy and thanks for keeping in touch.  Paula

Menopausal Treatment
Menopausal Treatment
4/19/2015 10:55:28 PM #

Most women do not need treatment of menopausal symptoms. Some women find that their symptoms go away by themselves, and some women just don’t find the symptoms very uncomfortable. But if you are bothered by symptoms, there are many ways to deal with them, including medications and lifestyle changes. You may find it hard to decide about treatment options like menopausal hormone therapy because of the possible side effects. Talk to your doctor about the possible risks and benefits so you can choose what’s best for you.

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