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by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 31. March 2014 07:52


I received a periodical written by Sidney Wolfe, M.D. naming a list of medications that he claims should not be used.  The list is too long to show here, but many of them are familiar drugs such as Crestor, Boniva, Celebrex, Alli, Lunesta and Savella.  He claims that the side effects or the availability of equally useful off-name brands at a greatly reduced cost, make these and other drugs warrant being on his “no-take” list.


He brings up a valid point that often during a pill ad in TV. they’ll show happy people gallivanting  playfully, while a man in the back ground with a droning, lowered voice tells you that the side effect could be elevated heart rate, cancer or possible death.  These seem like dangers that far outweigh any benefits that the drug may bring.


His organization called Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, petitions the FDA on behalf of consumers about the benefits vs. hazards/safety of drugs.

In the February 2011 issue of Prevention Magazine, they spoke of  a weight loss supplement called Slimming Beaty that was approved by the FDA without completing the teswting.  They found that it was illegally spiked with dangerous amounts of sibutramine( also called Meridia), a powerful prescription stregth stimulant that can cause heart attacks.  When the FDA announced the Meridia recall, they issued a warning against Slimming Beauty.  You think?  Prevention sighted that there are looser regulations on Internet diet drugs than on pill medications.  That's something to think about. 


I feel like you need to listen with smart ears to all of these sources.  Listen to the FDA but know they are vastly undermanned and strongly lobbied by these drug companies with gigantic budgets for marketing and sales.  I think watch groups provide a consumer representation that is hard to get on your own.  You need to research if an organization/doctor/health care insurer benefits from you taking a certain drug (this is why I like the information I get from Consumer Reports and the Nutrition Action Healthletter who doesn’t accept advertising). 

Ask a lot of questions.  Research things carefully.  Ask your pharmacist and your piers what they know about specific drugs.   Make educated decisions!



Wednesday 03/30/11-Exercise Diary:

stretch DVD- 55 minutes

 Running the beach with kids


                                                             I'm not doing a food blog this week because I'm on vacation with my family



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