4/3/15 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Sunday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 3. April 2014 19:32

I think I caught a glimpse of what things are actually going to be like living on a farm with a baby today.  The weather was finally gorgeous.  Beautiful sun and warmer weather.  Just what I've been craving after a cold, long winter.  I can't stand sitting inside all day and that seems to be what we pretty much do on Sundays in the winter.  I have been complaining to my husband that it's not fair; once it gets warm he'll be the one outside because 9 times out of 10 the work outside is manual labor that I can't do, so I'll be the one inside with the babes.  Don't get me wrong, I want to spend time with my son, but I also love being outside.  I'm jealous because I want to be under the warm sun.  My husband seems to think we can just stick him in a little tent outside and he'll be fine.  I've pretty much known that won't happen.  So today we try putting him in the tent so I can paint the fence and my husband can get the grass mowed.  You should have seen us!  It was stressful just trying to appease our son!  The wind is ridiculous out on our farm.  After 5 minutes the tent had caved in on our son and he burst into tears.  I finally got him calm and decided I would try painting with him in the Baby Bjorn on my belly.  After my husband put paint in a little can so I could reach around FJ I didn't realize I was painting towards the sun and it was in his eyes.  More screaming.  LOL, it was absolutely horrible.  I'm thinking that both of us trying to get work done together is not happening for quite awhile.  Needless to say, I gave up on the painting and took our son inside for a much needed nap after all that crying!

Breakfast - 

JC Cheddar Cheese Omelet

1 cup coffee with fat-free creamer


Snack - 

JC Peanut Butter Anytime Bar

Lunch - 

JC Cheesy Enchilada


Snack - 

1/2 cup blueberries

Dinner - 

JC Rising Crust Pizza

Salad with 2 tbsp. light southwestern ranch (peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes)

Snack - 

JC Cheese Curls

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